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USB Serial Logging


Place the 20_usb_serial_logging.rpx in the [ENVIRONMENT]/modules/setup folder and run the EnvironmentLoader. Requires MochaPayload as a setup module in [ENVIRONMENT]/modules/setup.

Requires a USB serial cable with FTDI FT232 chipset (e.g. Digitus DA-70156) and TeraTerm, or similar serial terminal program.


  • Speed: 57600
  • Data: 8 bit
  • Parity: none
  • Stop bits: 1 bit
  • Flow control: none
  • New-line Receive: CR+LF
  • New-line Transmit: CR+LF

The IOP-Shell is not supported.


For building you just need wut installed, then use the make command.

Building using the Dockerfile

It's possible to use a docker image for building. This way you don't need anything installed on your host system.

# Build docker image (only needed once)
docker build . -t usb_serial_logging-builder

# make 
docker run -it --rm -v ${PWD}:/project usb_serial_logging-builder make

# make clean
docker run -it --rm -v ${PWD}:/project usb_serial_logging-builder make clean

Format the code via docker

docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:/src -r ./source -i