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ftpiiu - A ftp server plugin for the Wii U based on ftpd


([ENVIRONMENT] is a placeholder for the actual environment name.)

  1. Copy the file ftpiiu.wps into sd:/wiiu/environments/[ENVIRONMENT]/plugins.
  2. Requires the WiiUPluginLoaderBackend in sd:/wiiu/environments/[ENVIRONMENT]/modules.

Usage information and settings

  • By default, the FTPiiU server is running as long the plugin loaded (file is in the plugin directory of your environment).
  • Access to the system files is disabled by default, you can enable it in the config menu.
  • To connect to the server you can use empty credentials
  • The SD card can be accessed via /fs/vol/external01/

Via the plugin config menu (press L, DPAD Down and Minus on the gamepad) you can configure the plugin. The available options are the following:

  • Settings:
    • Enable FTPiiU:
      • Starts/Stops the ftp server which is running in the background. Changes take effect when so close the config menu. (Default is true).
    • Allow access to system files:
      • Allows you to access all system files. If this option is disabled, you can only access /fs/vol/content, /fs/vol/save and /fs/vol/external01 (SD card). Changes take effect when so close the config menu, but the server may restart. (Default is false).
  • Additionally, the config menu will display the IP of your console and the port the server is running at.

See the ftpd repository for a list of all supported commands.


Logs will only appear in the system log (OSReport).

Building using the Dockerfile

It's possible to use a docker image for building. This way you don't need anything installed on your host system.

# Build docker image (only needed once)
docker build . -t ftpiiuplugin-builder

# make 
docker run -it --rm -v ${PWD}:/project ftpiiuplugin-builder make

# make clean
docker run -it --rm -v ${PWD}:/project ftpiiuplugin-builder make clean

Format the code via docker

docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:/src ghcr.io/wiiu-env/clang-format:13.0.0-2 -r ./source ./include -i


This plugin is based on ftpd by mtheall