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Publish Docker Image


Requires the FunctionPatcherModule to be running via WUMSLoader. Requires wut for building. Install via make install.


Make also sure to define


and add -lfunctionpatcher to LIBS and $(WUMS_ROOT) to LIBDIRS.

After that you can simply include <function_patcher/function_patching.h> to get access to the function patcher functions after calling FunctionPatcher_InitLibrary().

Use this lib in Dockerfiles.

A prebuilt version of this lib can found on dockerhub. To use it for your projects, add this to your Dockerfile.

COPY[tag] /artifacts $DEVKITPRO

Replace [tag] with a tag you want to use, a list of tags can be found here. It's highly recommended to pin the version to the latest date instead of using latest.

Format the code via docker

docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:/src -r ./source ./include -i