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Publish Docker Image


Requires the MemoryMappingModule to be running via WUMSLoader. Requires wut for building. Install via make install.


When linking, make sure to add the libmappedmemory.ld file to the LDFLAGS.


LDFLAGS	=	-g $(ARCH) $(RPXSPECS) -Wl,-Map,$(notdir $*.map) -T$(WUMS_ROOT)/share/libmappedmemory.ld

Make also sure to define


and add -lmappedmemory to LIBS and $(WUMS_ROOT) to LIBDIRS.

After that you can simply include <memory/mappedmemory.h> to get access to the memory functions.

Use this lib in Dockerfiles.

A prebuilt version of this lib can found on dockerhub. To use it for your projects, add this to your Dockerfile.

COPY --from=ghcr.io/wiiu-env/libmappedmemory:[tag] /artifacts $DEVKITPRO

Replace [tag] with a tag you want to use, a list of tags can be found here. It's highly recommended to pin the version to the latest date instead of using latest.

Format the code via docker

docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:/src ghcr.io/wiiu-env/clang-format:13.0.0-2 -r ./source ./include -i